Gantry Crane Operation

The proper operation of the gantry crane is essential to ensure high safety and efficiency. When operating a gantry crane, you need to observe the following operating rules:

Single girder gantry crane operating rules

  1. Before work
  • For single girder crane with cab, the driver shall check the parts such as hooks, wire ropes and safety devices according to the requirements of the inspection card before driving. If abnormal conditions are found, they should be eliminated.
  • For ground-operated gantry crane, each shift should have a special person responsible for checking according to the requirements of the check card, and if abnormal conditions are found, they should be eliminated.
  • The operator must close the main power supply only after confirming that no one is on the platform or track. When the power circuit breaker is locked or has a notice board, it should be removed by the relevantperson before closing the main power supply.
  1. At work
  • When lifting a heavy object for the first time in each shift,or when the load reaches the maximum lifting weight, the crane should put down the heavy object after lifting 0.5 meters above the ground, check the performance of the brake, and confirm that it is reliable before proceeding with normal operations.
  • If any abnormality is found, stop the craneimmediately, cut off the power supply, check the cause and eliminate it in time.
  1. After work
  • Raise the hook to a certain height.
  • The crane stops at the specified position.
  • The controller handle is set to the “zero” position.
  • Cut off the power.
  • Perform daily maintenance.
  • Do the shift work.
Single Girder Gantry Crane Operation
Single Girder Gantry Crane

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Double girder gantry crane operating rules

  • The operator should ring the alarm for the following operations as required during the operation: lifting and lowering heavy objects; When the line of sight is unclear, the alarm should be sounded continuously; When the crane travels close to another crane within the span; When lifting heavy objects close to personnel.
  • The operation shall be carried out according to the unified signal.
  • When the power is suddenly cut off during work, all controller handles should be set to the “zero” position, and the crane should be checked for normal operation before re-working.
  • It is strictly forbidden to open the reverse brake to stop the crane during normal operation. When changing the direction of movement of the bridge and trolleys, the handle must be set to the “zero” position to stop the mechanism completely.
  • For a crane with two hooks,the main and auxiliary hooks must be operated separately when they are replaced or the height of the two hooks is close, in order to avoid collision of the two hooks.
  • Gantry crane with two hooks is not allowed to lift two objects at the same time.
  • Adjust the brake of the lifting mechanism when not working.
  • It is not allowed to use the position limiter to stopthe crane.
Double Girder Gantry Crane for Sale
Double Girder Gantry Crane

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“Ten Do Not Lift” Rules

  • Do not lift when command signal is unclear or disorderly command.
  • Do not lift when the rated lifting weight is exceeded.
  • Do not lift when the use of the lifting device is unreasonable or the objects are not tied tightly.
  • Do not lift if there are people or other objects on the hanging object.
  • Do not lift if the brake or other brake safety device fails.
  • Do not lift when the heavy load is hanged by the crane for direct processing.
  • Do not lift objects diagonally.
  • Do not lift explosive objects.
  • Do not lift objects buried underground.
  • Do not lift objects with angular blocks.

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