Garage Gantry Crane

Garage gantry crane is a kind of small gantry crane or light duty gantry crane used to do some lifting work. It is not used for handling heavy duty lifting work due to its quite limited loading capacity. Therefore, it is widely applied to lift and transfer small and medium-sized loads. This kind of lifting equipment is a popular solution for a garage, and it can also be used in a shop, warehouse, workstation and some other places to handle different materials. As a highly efficient material handling solution, the gantry crane in a garage is increasingly adopted for many different industries as well as for home use.

As a professional gantry crane manufacturer in China, our group provide and customizes various garage gantry cranes according to clients’ requirements, like portable gantry crane, steel gantry crane for garage and so on. We will build the best material handling solution to maximize your benefit and meet your needs. Please feel free to contact us online.

Types of garage gantry cranes

It is important for you to select the most appropriate gantry crane and the professional gantry crane manufacturer when choosing a garage gantry crane, not merely because it determines your gantry crane quality, working efficiency, but also the safety of operators and clients. Therefore, the first and most important thing in the process of choosing the right equipment is to know different types of gantry cranes for garage and how they differ from each other.

The garage gantry cranes fall in various types to meet different lifting needs. It is more often fitted with wheels to realize flexible movement. We also supply other types of lifting equipment for garage, such as garage bridge crane according to your work condition and facility structure. The small garage gantry crane can be made of steel with fixed or adjustable height and span designs.

Garage gantry cranes for sale
Garage gantry cranes

Garage gantry crane parameters:

  • Load capacity: 0.5-10t
  • Span: 2-16m
  • Lifting height: 2-12m
  • Lifting speed: 0.9-7.2m/min
  • Trolley running speed: 11m/min
  • Crane running speed: 6m/min or manual operation
  • Work duty: A2

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Steel gantry crane, this small mobile gantry crane is available in adjustable designs either for height or span. It is a more economical lifting system to handle light and small materials in the garage. This kind of garage gantry crane is easy to transport, install and relocate in other places due to its flexible design. Different types of steel gantry crane with various types of hoists and spreaders can fit the requirement of our clients.

Telescoping gantry crane allows the telescoping legs and adjustable I-beam to move upwards and downwards easily and readily. This gantry crane is for lifting and lowering with a trolley hoist and the crank handle is easy raising and lowering.

It can maximize the crane size to suit for different occasions, such as garage, shop, and workstation. The telescoping gantry crane is very popular among small lifting solutions for its affordable price, durable performance, flexible designs, and strong mobility.

After understanding different types of garage cranes, It is essential to choose a professional gantry crane manufacturer and supplier. You should ensure the specific information about the products you want, such as lifting capacity, height, span, building structure, working condition etc.

We are a professional garage gantry crane manufacturer and have been engaged in this industry for many years. We always work hard to satisfy our clients by means of constantly supplying good quality products, competitive price, and best service. To know more about different types of garage gantry cranes, contact our sales team online directly. We will assist you to select the most appropriate material handling solution for your need.

Features of a garage gantry crane

The garage gantry cranes are designed in compliance with industrial and international doctrines and standards. Here are some advantages of garage gantry cranes:

The portable garage gantry crane is available in various design options such as steel, different sizes, and wheels to undertake almost all lifting tasks in the garage as well as other workplaces.

The small portable gantry crane we produce is manufactured with high-quality materials and components as well as with precision machining so as to ensure superior quality products. The small garage crane is easy to assembly and disassembly, so it is very convenient for storage and transportation, and it can also be relocated in other working areas readily.

The solid construction, I-beam and spring support wheels designs make the movement more safe and stable. This gantry crane can effectively improve production in the garage, and help save time and cost.

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Garage gantry crane service

We have already built up a scientific and systematic service system, which are committed to providing perfect pre-sale, sales, and after-sales services to our clients so as to simplify their purchase process as well as create maximum value for them.

We strictly inspect each part of the production process to ensure the quality of lifting equipment. In addition, we also promise to our clients for fast and on-time delivery. Our professional and experienced R&D team and technical team can provide proper solutions for customers, including selecting and operating garage gantry crane; designing and manufacturing the lifting equipment on customers’ request; technical safety training etc.

We also have skilled after-sale service personnel to provide on-site installation and maintenance. We aim to solve problems and bring great benefits to our clients. If you have any problem, please feel free to tell us online. We will reply as soon as possible.

If you are interested in our garage gantry crane or any other lifting solution, please contact us directly. We will provide quality gantry crane with the best price!