Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane

Rubber tyred gantry crane, also known as rubber-tired gantry crane or RTG crane for short, is a kind of convenient and efficient material handling solution, which is usually applied to moving and stacking storage containers. Its main components include crane frame, lifting mechanism, trolley traveling mechanism etc. The trolley of our rubber tyred gantry crane with lifting tool travels along the track set on the main girders to load, unload and stack containers. The crane with tires travels around the stockyards or other workplaces, and it can move flexibly from one workplace to another. It is an ideal solution for outdoor workplaces such as port, quay, freight yard, shipyard, rail terminals to suit a wide range of applications.

Our RTG cranes are usually powered by diesel engine-electric and diesel engine-hydraulic. The diesel engine-electric mode is more widely used due to the electric motor is easy to use and needs simple maintenance. Compared with rail mounted gantry crane with fixed tracks, the tyred gantry crane is a kind of mobile gantry crane adopting a tire to move, and it makes the materials more easy to handle, and increase the productivity and safety. Our RTG gantry cranes have different models and designs, and we will try our best to help you choose the right type on your request. We also supply customized rubber tyred gantry crane for your special use.

Rubber Tyred Container Gantry Crane for Sale
Rubber Tyred Container Gantry Crane

Rubber tyred gantry crane parameters:

  • Lifting Capacity: 30t~50t
  • Span Length: 22~28m
  • Lifting Speed: 12~46m/min
  • Crane Speed: 45-90m/min
  • Operating Temperature: -20℃~40℃
  • Provide Custom Option

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Rubber tyred gantry crane supplier and manufacturer

Owing to the different clients have different needs and requirements, our rubber tyred gantry cranes are designed and manufactured with different configurations to meet various requirements. The RTG cranes have different lifting heights, different lifting capacities, different spans, and different traveling speeds. As a leading and professional rubber tyred gantry crane manufacturer at home and abroad, our company provides a wide range of gantry cranes for our customers. In addition, we also customize gantry cranes for our clients as if they provide specific information.

We have specialized in material handling industry for many years and have been engaged in designing and manufacturing multiple lifting devices such as overhead gantry crane, jib crane, wire rope hoist, electric chain hoist, and winch. We strive to improve ourselves in several aspects including quality, service and technical support.

The quality of gantry crane is the key to the operation of lifting systems and we always put the quality as our first consideration. Our company holds certificates such as CE and ISO. Our goal is supply superior quality products to our customers constantly by means of strict inspection on adopting high-quality components and advanced processing equipment, and pay attention to the productive process of our machine at the meantime. In addition, we always stick to research and development in respect of gantry crane, and we will try our best to improve the products in our company as always in structure and design. Best of all, we have a professional technical team to solve our customers’ technical problems and provide the most suitable lifting solutions.

Our aim is to save time and cost for our customers and achieve a win-win situation with our cooperative partners. In order to realize this goal, we also provide timely and excellent after-sale services.

Beam Lifting Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane for Sale
Beam Lifting Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane

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Advantages and benefits of rubber tyred gantry cranes

RTG rubber tyred gantry crane we produce has surpassing features compared with other material handling equipment. The most distinguished advantage of RTG cranes is high flexibility and mobility, as it can reach all corners of your workplaces to lift and transfer heavy loads.

The crane users can benefit a lot from adopting this mobile gantry crane. Our RTG cranes have smooth gantry crane operation, and it is easy to control and works effectively without failure during the handling work. Our cranes have a rigid and stable steel structure which allows precise handling with smooth movements even at high speed. What’ more, the rubber tyred gantry crane requires minimal maintenance and low energy consumption.

Our gantry lifting equipment is outstanding in design, quality, and durability thanks to our strict inspection and control on the machining process and gantry crane components. Our rubber tired gantry cranes are available in multiple designs and sizes from small gantry crane to largest gantry crane to achieve a wide application.

If high flexibility and mobility are required in your crane operation, the RTG gantry crane can be your best choice.

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Safety protections for rubber tyred gantry crane

To make sure the crane works safely, it can be equipped with some safety protection devices, including overload protection, diesel engine over-speed protection, wind speed indicator, emergent stop button, limit switches set for different mechanisms, the signal indicating and so on. The crane can work reliably and safely during the lifting operations with the help of these devices.

These RTG cranes are applied to many workplaces to lift and move heavy tasks. These portable rubber tyred gantry crane can be used to move heavy loads from disabled trains or even used to move the faulted rail cars due to the mobility of the rubber tyred gantry crane. The operators can operate and control the cranes from the cabin.

Rubber tyred gantry crane for sale

When customers are intended to purchase an RTG gantry crane, you had better consider several things mostly including the crane quality, price, service, delivery etc. The price of each gantry crane model differs from each other, for example, the small mobile gantry crane costs less than the RTG container crane. The gantry crane price is greatly dependent upon your option of RTG crane specification, usage, structural design, and other factors. During the purchasing process, the most important element to choose is that you should choose the appropriate type to suit your application.

Our company provides a variety of cranes to meet different needs. To get such a quality crane and know more about rubber tyred gantry crane, please contact us without hesitation and we will offer you the most suitable one to greatly facilitate your work and improve the efficiency, and we will help you select a right crane and offer you the best price!